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Kaizen Path | #100DaysofCodeSmith


Kaizen Path | #100DaysofCodeSmith

CodeSmith Scholarship & My Next 100 days

CodeSmith Scholarship & My Next 100 days

A quick personal update

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ยทMay 5, 2022ยท

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It's been a little while since my last post. I just wanted to write a quick update.

In the past 2 months:

  • I continued practicing Leetcode problems every day.

  • I joined the CSX community for CodeSmith, and met such lovely humans: Tran, Wendy, Ruquaayah, Perla, and Mariko, who started a Women's Algorithm Group that meets once a week to go over increasingly difficult Leetcode problems together. We started logging our #100DaysOfCode on Github and Twitter.

  • I was admitted into CodeSmith and received a scholarship. The program starts next Monday, May 9th, 2022. I also got into Formation.dev but decided that it's more important for me to have the amazing community at CodeSmith, and work on an open source project together with mentorship from more senior programmers.

CodeSmith states that it is an advanced-level bootcamp that helps developers with some coding background improve their skills and land mid-to-senior-level roles. Many CodeSmith residents have 4-year undergraduate degrees in computer science and/or previous bootcamp experience. Even though I had already previously attended a program at Per Scholas, many students in my class felt very unprepared for their first jobs out of bootcamp, and many struggled to get a job at all. I hope the more rigorous preparation at CodeSmith would help me to get to the next level.

However, as I mentioned in a previous post, I know that the hard work and continued learning after bootcamp depends 100% on continuing to push HARDER to learn after bootcamp. I'm doing 100 Days of Code to kick start the lifelong daily coding/learning habit, which needs to be a lifelong habit to survive in the tech industry.

Hope to find more friends in the developer community for the long haul of this never-ending uphill climb.

Choosing a blogging platform for 100 Days of Code

NOTE: I've been coding almost daily these last 50 days or so, but I only wrote posts for a few of them on Revue.

I chose Revue because it was integrated with Twitter, where #100DaysOfCode is logged, with a Chrome extension to easily share links. This lowers the bar for writing a quick blog post. It feels a little less intimidating than starting a new post on Hashnode. It serves well as a kind of quick daily log of what I have worked on.

However, Revue does not offer code blocks, which isn't ideal for technical blogging. There is also no inspiring developer community on Revue.

I gave Dev.to a try, and while I love that it is built on the open source Forem platform, I realized that Hashnode simply has many nicer features and user interface. I think I'm finally ready to commit, and will continue building here, by focusing on trying to contribute articles of value to the larger community.

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